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Facial Treatments at Monmouth Facial
European Deep Cleansing Facial ($55)
Designed to deep clean pores. It is highly recommended to all skin type.
Acne Treatment ($75)
A refreshing cleansing facial to prevent scaring mistakes.
Special Facial Masks ($20)

Photo-rejuvenate Treatment ($100) Monmouth Facial offers a discount for your first treatment. ASK!
it is a light based technology. It erases the signs of aging and other skin damages from your face and also you body. It can
increase moisture retention, promote collagen production and cellular activities, increase lymphatic drainage and blood
circulation, and improve skin function and skin firmness.
Collagen Mask Treatment ($100)
-100% Collagen mask hydrates and renovates the skin.
AlgoMask + ($100) ------Clinical Skin Care Treatment, GM Collin
A thermo corrective skin treatment, it creates a cooling effect on the skin, to decongest and soothe. Its algae extracts promote
hydration, reduces redness and restore the healthy look of all skin types. It instantly leaves the skin radiant. A 3-in-1 clinical
cares for a well-hydrated skin and a brightened complexion.
Sea C SPA Treatment ($100) ------ Clinical Skin Care Treatment, GM Collin
A powerful elective clinical treatment originating entirely from marine and botanical active ingredients; Sea C Spa unique
concept combines a vitamin C concentrated, a moisturizing algae patches and an organic mud mask. It gives long-lasting result
on the fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a youthful skin appearance.
Botinol Treatment (No Needle, no pain, no risk) ($150) Clinical Skin Care Treatment, GM Collin
-The most effective anti-aging clinical treatment for superficial and deeper wrinkles ever introduced in skin care.
Available for all skin types and conditions, it gives an average reduction of lines and wrinkles of over 60% after one treatment.
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Waxing services:
Eyebrow $8 upper lip $5 Chin $5 half arm $18 Full arm $30 Chest $50
Under arm $15 Bikini $25 Half leg $25 Full leg $50 Back $40


Additional Services
Body massages $55/hr, $30/30minuntes for all massage services, Crystal Foot SPA $5/30minutes
Deep Tissue Full Body Massage Anti-Stress Back Massage Foot Massage

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